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Triple Crown Club

The Triple Crown Club was formed in the Fall of 2017. The main focus of the TCC is to support all levels of the baseball through volunteer, outreach and fundraising efforts. The support of this program will help BVN become one of the VERY BEST baseball programs in the state of Kansas. Through continued support of the BVN baseball community, we are hoping to upgrade practice facilities, purchase needed training/safety equipment, and upgrade the overall baseball experience of every player who enters the program. We are working to refine all the areas that we can impact but it starts with this group taking an active approach to supporting the coaches and program. 

2017-2018 Leaders:

  • President - Steve Brimacombe
  • Vice President - Mike Hargens
  • Secratary - John Hassed
  • Treasurer - Anne-Marie Albright


The Triple Crown Club is excited for the upcoming 2018/2019 school year. We will continue to expand our approach in supporting the baseball program. 

Look for announcements about meetings where we can share our goals and initiatives for the 2019 spring season!!

- Go Mustangs!!